This is a collection of answers to the questions I have been asked in the years working as a communication expert. But is also a collection of my reflections on communication and how it must connect on a human level. If you’d like to contribute write to me at

From the basic social media tips to networking and strategies, here you will find help on how to create an original communication strategy that will drive people to your channels. These posts are usually answered to questions I was asked during training and events

What I know about communication is the result of training (formal and informal), travelling, networking, books, online resources. And what I have learned from these experiences is that inspiration to be better at sharing your message can come from anywhere and anyone. Here are some tips I pick up along the way

For a long time, I was asked how I could be so introvert and yet work in communication. My answer is that the two aspects are not mutually exclusive: there are hidden powers linked to our personalities and we can use them to communicate better. Follow these posts to be inspired to communicate while remaining true to yourself