3 Business Stories You Didn’t Know You Could Tell

How do you start incorporating storytelling into your business if you don’t have a story to tell?  Hmm. Wrong questions.  Be kind to yourself and rephrase that question to: which of the many stories related to my business should I select and share?  You might think, “B what are you talking about? I have no…

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About Me Page: 5 Reasons Why You’re Stuck 

About me page. That’s all you can read on the screen of your computer.

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Lessons Learned From a Year of Going Live on Facebook

In 2019 I started doing something I swore I’d never do: video on social media! More than 365 days later, here are the lessons learned from a year of going live on Facebook.

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10 Steps to Incorporate Your Story in Your Business

Once upon a time, I was at an art fair in London. The space was filled with handmade bags, weirdly looking wooden plates and jewels. Everything looked beautiful and well lit but dreadfully useless.

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4 Ways Storytelling Is Going to Change Your Life

Storytelling can literally change your life. But sometimes my passion for the topic makes me forget to be clearer about it. Which is why I’m presenting pen to paper the four ways storytelling is going to change your life.

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8 Entrepreneurial Lessons You’ll learn from Netflix “Self Made”

You’ll cry. You’ll get angry. You’ll cheer, find the motivation and be inspired.

But most of all you’ll learn at least eight entrepreneurial lessons from watching Netflix miniseries “Self Made”.

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