You might as well call the blog “things I need to remember”. Because to be honest, the topics you’ll find are for you as much as they are for me.

Because the fact that I have lived through many roles in the communication field and have created three projects/enterprises from scratch and brought them to success, doesn’t mean I have all figured out.

Certainly, I don’t have all the answers which is why I spend every year learning even more. However, I deeply believe what I know can help you make a difference without spreading yourself too thin nor wasting lots of time or even worst losing your true self.

Not all blog posts are listed here. So if you are looking for something specific use the search function in the menu on the right to look for keywords you are interested in. “Storytelling” is quite a popular search …

Enjoy reading and don’t forget to share, comment and let me know what else we shall not forget.

To your amazing success!