Three storytelling examples from African and African-American entrepreneurs

You want to share your story in your business and in order to do that, you need to do at least three things. The problem is, you have no idea what these things are and haven’t spent enough time analysing other entrepreneurs’ stories. Which is why I want you to take a look at the following examples from three entrepreneurs who got their stories right.

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You don’t need to share all your stories at once

If you have ever tried to share your story, you might have noticed that it’s easy to think that you have to share so many facts, details, and events. But the truth is that you don’t need to share your stories all at once. 

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How long should your story be?

When you are ready to share your story, there are many questions that come up about how the story should be shared. One of those is usually: how long should my story be?  I’ve heard this question from my coaching clients many times and I always like to answer with another question: where are you…

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