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Beatrice Ngalula Kabutakapua storytelling coach

Hey I'm Beatrice

I’m a storytelling coach on a  mission to help ambitious entrepreneurs like yourself, leveraging the power of storytelling to be more visible, give back to the community and make dreams come true. 
Nice to meet you! 

From the blog

Six Books To Start Your 2020: a Changemakers List

Every night before going to bed or early in the morning when everyone else is still sleeping, my routine training session starts. I pick up a book from the bed-stand shelf and feed my brain, one chapter a day.

11 Ways to Master the Art of Listening

We have heard it a thousand times: listening is a communication secret weapon, it is the most important skill you can ever apply. And I agree. Listening is an art that opens up to knowledge, connections, and relationships. 

How to keep changing the world while stuck at home

How do you keep changing the world when you’re stuck at home? One of the biggest changes COVID-19 has brought, is on the way we perceive each other as human beings. Not being able to hug, kiss or gather in public

How can I help?

what i can help you with

There are recurring themes when you don’t incorporate your story in your business. You might:

  • struggle to write your about page 
  • want to create a more authentic brand 
  • feel like marketing is only for sales-y people
  • have the impression your communication is not clear 
  • not feel confident about speaking in public

The good news is: there’s nothing wrong with you, we can work together to make your business look like you. 

HOW DOES storytelling coaching WORK

Storytelling coaching is about:

  • clarity
  • knowing your story
  • owning your story 
  • sharing your story

During our online sessions we explore these four subjects and you decide what you want to include in your marketing and communication material to create real connections with your audience

stories change the world

The reality of our times is that if we don’t hold the microphone, brandish the pen, take control of the camera, and tell our stories, we do not exist.

Which could be fine, except is not.

Because being invisible means that they story will always be written by the same people 

HOW DID I GET INTO storytelling coaching

For a long time I hated being under the spotlight: I didn’t think my story mattered.

Until my decennial career in media started to feel purposeless and un-authentic. I have created two businesses trying to help others but nothing clicked because I didn’t allow myself to be me unashamedly. 

Now that I have, I can never go back and instead I help other entrepreneurs find their true voice through storytelling

See you soon !