Do One Of These Three Things To Share Your Story

Do One Of These Three Things To Share Your Story

When my clients think about stories for their business, they immediately think about written stories. However, stories aren’t just for those who write. 

In fact, since the invention of the radio and in this era of podcasting we have always known that stories can be listened to.

If writing is not your medium, here are three things you can do instead to share your story: 


1. Record your story as a voice memo on your phone and then use AI to transcribe it, I personally love Otter.ai (please note, that’s a referral link)

This process gives you the opportunity to empty your thoughts from your brain. You can have time later to reorganise those thoughts or you can ask a copywriter to organise them for you. 


2. Tell your story on camera and use extracts from it on social media 

Sharing my story on camera is one of my favourite tools because it gives me the opportunity to interact with my audience and show them my vibe. If video is your medium, have a go and remember to not overthink it. 


3. Ask someone to ask you questions about your story and answer as if it was an interview

One of the issues when it comes to telling your story is simply that you are not asking yourself the right questions. This is one of the reasons why folks who take part in my group coaching program find it so helpful I guide them through targeted questions. You too can join the program or find a friend or business buddy who can ask you some questions about your journey into building your business. 


So here are some suggestions on how to share your story if you are not comfortable writing. 

What else would you suggest to someone who doesn’t feel comfortable writing? 


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