What You Need to Do to Motivate Your Team

It’s so easy to think that working for a big organisation or earning loads of money is the key to have people stay in your organisation. And sometimes we think the purpose behind what we do can be enough to keep team members onboard, but it’s not. Instead, here is what you need to do…

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This is Why You Have No Traction on Social Media

I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of talking about traction on social media. But many people who have booked a call with me have mentioned that they struggle with their social media traction. In some cases, they have none at all. What I mean by social media traction Here is what I mean…

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In Business Storytelling The Surface Doesn’t Matter

“The Storyteller!” That’s how she remembered me. That’s how many people remember me. And images of Ted Talks, copywriting and books come to their minds. Because that’s what they associate with business storytelling: the hand gesture, the voice, the performance of telling a story. But that’s the surface. Learn more about business storytelling, signup to…

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