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How To Get More Likes on Facebook

London was just waking up when I took a ride with a complete stranger to get to an interview to Oxford. The air was pungent but warm, more than I could ever remember in London. The quiet order of the 5am streets punched with the memory of the night before, fighting to convince my son…
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women of colour discussing in a meeting room

Why I’m using Pay What You Can model for a communication workshop

One of the most formative experiences of my adult life has been moving from Rome to Cardiff, in Wales, to study international journalism. The whole process was very new to me: living without my family in a foreign country; sharing the house with flatmates from all over the world; managing serious finance.  Because I’m obsessed…
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3 Books That Will Improve Your Communication Skills

In an unknown central city in Italy, an aspiring foreign correspondent is taking part in a conference. Listening, mainly, the experiences of established journalists who have fascinatingly travelled all over the world to narrate the stories of others. One of them mentions a name: Ryszard KapuÅ›ciÅ„ski. The girl never heard that name before but surely,…
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Why You Don’t Need to Be an Extrovert to Be an Effective Communicator

Have you ever watched Scandal? It’s an amazing TV series centered around the White House communication director, Olivia Pope. She is bold, witty, straightforward and very effective on the job. But in her private life, she enjoys a glass of red wine, popcorn and some alone time at home. You can count her friends on…
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The biggest problem about charity communication and how you can fix it

Before moving to the UK, my concept of charity was: helping out homeless people outside Termini station in Rome; organising festive dinners for people who otherwise would have spent way too much time alone; fundraise for young students like me who could not afford an education.  Everything about it was local, simple, immediate.  Yet, once…
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