Increase your profit, be more confident and visible on your own terms

Introducing This is Me, a new way to do business storytelling that won’t ask you to: 

  • Be someone you are not 
  • Be a professional storyteller 
  • Spending hours and hours learning 

And yes, it is designed to help you unfreeze your stories; document your business journey and increase your confidence levels. 

Stop spending time Googling how to write an About Me page, what’s the right marketing strategy and how to be yourself while making sales

I met Bea during a new chapter of my life. I was finding transitioning over to a new career so difficult. Working with Bea felt like a seismic shift. I can honestly say I would have put it off completely given up, had I not had the pleasure of meeting and then working with Bea. Her intelligence and generosity know no bounds.

Do good, earn and be you

During the coaching program This is Me we’ll work on:

  • Clarity. How to stop being allover the place and find clarity, direction and structure.
  • Know your story. How to find what your story is; why it is important to share it and how to avoid the one mistake people often make when telling a story. 
  • Own your story. How to accept your story without being your story; analysing, observing and accepting your story before sharing it.
  • Share your story. Finding your voice and tone as a storyteller; how to get comfortable sharing your story; how to know who to trust with your story.
  • SHAPE method. Learn the five elements of storytelling you need to share a story effectively.
  • Comfortable storytelling. How to get used to sharing your story with different audiences and different platforms.
  • Storytelling for Marketing. Why you don’t need a sad story to sell your product or service; how to be authentic when sharing your story for marketing; what does business storytelling look like and how to keep at it.
  • Story vault. How to never run out of stories to share; the one method to keep action when sharing a story.
  • Visibility and protection. How to prepare for adverse feedback; know how much to share about your story. 
I’m now in a much stronger position and I have a clearer vision for Mindwalk Yoga, plus I have developed some tools including audience profiles, a clear business strategy, and an articulated start-up story that I am proud to share

It seems like ages ago, when:

  • I felt stressed out while looking for a job that would accommodate the life I had and the one I wanted
  • Smiling politely to comments that were diminishing me felt like the right thing to do
  • A voice in my head kept telling me “you can’t, you shouldn’t, you won’t” while another in my heart was whispering “there’s more to life than this“
  • Doing good and earning a decent amount of money sounded like an oxymoron

Fast forward to today and I have…

  • Created my niche, literally found my place in the world
  • Doubled my earnings during a pandemic
  • Helped underestimated entrepreneurs to create businesses that are helping others and earning them money

I can be my whole UNAPOLOGETIC self and still have a profitable business designed around me

If I could sum this up with one word, I’d use FREEDOM.

When I have reached out to Beatrice I was really scared of sharing my story and including it in my business. I didn't even know why my potential customers would have been interested in ME, I wanted to focus the attention on the other stories I was going to share, not mine.