Three reasons why you need to find a guide to tell your story

Three reasons why you need to find a guide to tell your story

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You want to share your story in your business because you realize that by doing that, you will make it easier for yourself to attract your ideal clients. But also, because you realize that telling your story means differentiating yourself from others. In this post, I want to share three reasons why you need to find a guide to tell your story as soon as possible. 

Finding a guide to tell your story means that you find someone that will help you to: define what the story is that you want to share, articulate why it matters for your audience, and share it in a way that is true to you. 

All of those three steps need to happen—one after another. 

Oftentimes entrepreneurs think storytelling starts with the sharing of the story and when it comes actually to writing it or presenting it, you have no idea where to start from. That’s because you have skipped the first two steps. 

The problem is that entrepreneurs don’t naturally know how to find their stories and articulate them which is one of the reasons why you need someone to guide you. Let’s go in order though, below are three of the reasons why you need a guide to help you tell your story. 

Number one: Asking the right questions so that you can uncover your story

You might sense that there is a story to tell about your business or yourself as a brand. And you need someone to ask you the right questions to uncover it, to make sure you dig deeper. It’s not necessarily an easy process, which is why not many people do it and not many people find themselves different from other businesses. That’s why you need a guide, someone who will respect your story, believe in you, support you and never ever judge you.

Number two: Holding space for your story to be acknowledged

When you are sharing your story, sometimes you might encounter aspects you had forgotten, things that might sting, might hurt, or even scare you. Going through that process by yourself is a lot and you might be tempted to stop. You need someone to hold space for you, support you and tell you that your emotions are valid and welcome. 

Number three: Cut the time in half to share your story with the world

It took me four years to uncover, articulate and share my story, four years. Can you imagine waiting for years not knowing? Without giving your business the shape it needs to have? I wouldn’t wish that on you. However, working with someone to help you share your story, means that time gets cut in half. Actually even less, my clients figure out their stories in the first three months of working together and are able to share them and see results after six months. What would you take: four years or six months? 

Finally, when you are working on your story you really want to have a judgment-free sounding board. You can easily be your worst judge and that’s not what you need when you are preparing to share your story. A guide, a coach, can give you empathy, deep listening, spot-on questions, and the support you need. 

Which route will go with? 


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