In business and storytelling slow and steady is better than fast and furious

In business and storytelling slow and steady is better than fast and furious

This is the true story of how looking at snails going super fast, made me realise that in business and storytelling slow and steady is better than fast and furious. 


Slow and steady means you still get to your destination 

I was walking to the gym one morning. It had been raining during the early hours And when it rains, all the snails come out. One of them crossed my path and I instantly thought: 


“It must so frustrating to go that slow!”


However, as slow as they go, snails still reach their goals. Which made me think about business and sharing your story within your business. Sometimes it’s better than fast and furious. 


Storytelling is supposed to be a slower process and that’s ok

When you’re sharing your story in your business, it’s very unlikely that you share one post and then hundreds of clients come knocking at your door. It’s a process and it’s ok if it happens slow. Because when you go slow, and when you go steady, then you have the time to test, you have the time to create a rapport with people, you can create a relationship with your followers. 

It’s not just about the transaction of sharing your story, which mean you make the money right away. That’s not why and how it happens. And that’s also not why you share your story in the first place.

The real reason why you share your story and you don’t use another tool to connect with your clients is because you want that relationship, you want to articulate with them. 

What does going slow and steady look like? 

Going slow and steady isn’t about procrastinating. It means that you start today. You test tomorrow. You fail the day after tomorrow. You try again. It doesn’t mean spending a long period of time thinking about what you should be doing, how you should be saying something, who you should be saying something to, or waiting to feel more prepared, waiting for your story to be articulated in a in a clearer way, waiting for something to fall down from the sky. 


When I say is slow, I mean that you give yourself the time to connect to your followers. But you also need the people who are following you, the time to connect to you, to get to know you. And for that to happen, the next step is to be steady: you always show up consistently, you always show up, even if people are not watching, even if people seem not to be listening, even if people don’t put the Like, even if people don’t comment on something because people are always watching. 


What happens when you don’t show up consistently 

What happens if you show up just when you feel like it, is that maybe at some point, the people who have been following you are ready to actually make the financial, emotional, commitment to working with you. But then you’re not there anymore. You’re not showing up anymore. So they forgot. 


We live in a very fast paced world. So it’s easy to be forgotten, unfortunately. But if they forget you, it’s not just about the loss of the business. It’s also about the fact that once they have forgotten you, you are not able to support them. Even if you are uniquely qualified to do that, even if your story resonates so much with them. 


Fast and furious is not always the answer. Slow and steady, like the snails, is the way to go if you really want to create a relationship.

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