One thing storytelling workshop won’t teach you

One thing storytelling workshop won’t teach you

Whenever I read, hear or see the word “storytelling”, I’m wired to respond. Which means that I’ve followed workshops, read books and posts about storytelling. And in all the years of working as a business storytelling coach, I realized there is one thing storytelling workshops don’t teach you. 

What everyone focuses on 

When it comes to sharing stories, you will find that workshops and books give you the tools to: 

  • Structure the story 
  • Making it clear 
  • Finding stories 
  • Using a simple language 

And all these things are important if you want to deliver an effective message. 

But how come, when it comes to putting pen to paper and actually sharing your story, you get stuck, the words don’t come out, and you feel lost? 

When you are sharing the story of your business, you’re fundamentally sharing your story (if you are not yet, know that’s what you are supposed to be doing). 

Now, sharing your story might not be that easy because you might: 

  • Not want to be vulnerable;
  • feel like people won’t care;
  • hesitate and have impostor syndrome. 

The reason why you hold yourself back is that you haven’t spent time owning your story. 

What does owning your story mean? 

Owning your story means that you have accepted it. You have spent time to acknowledge, process and heal from your story so that you are now able to share the lessons from it. 

Healing from your story doesn’t mean that you need a tragic or traumatic lived experience. Healing means that though it might still hurt to share it, you are not whispering when you share it, you are not ashamed, you don’t care about being judged. 

Keep in mind that you only share your story to connect with others. This means the story you are going to share is relevant as long as it is relevant to your audience too. You share to them, for them. You heal for yourself. 

So far, none of the workshops I have encountered teach you how to do this, which is why my clients go through the process with him. 

And if you want to get started with owning your story, try one of these things: 

  1. Answer this question: what did that experience teach you? 
  2. Have a conversation with one of your ideal client and observe if what they share about their struggle, relates to your story too
  3. Write down your story as if it was a movie and look at it from a neutral perspective

What’s one thing you’ll be doing? Let me know in the comments or send me a message. 

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