The one question you don’t have to ask yourself to find your story

The one question you don’t have to ask yourself to find your story

When people working with me start to reflect on their stories, they immediately ask one question that doesn’t actually help them. Instead of doing just like them, keep reading and discover how to actually find your story. 


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What would you answer me if I were to ask you: what’s your story? 

Probably the first reaction would be a surprised expression on your face followed by a “hmm” sound and then you’d probably start from your childhood. And we know where it would end … it would become a very long narration of facts that don’t necessarily bring to the answer I’m seeking.  Given how hard it is to answer this question, straight away, you shouldn’t ask yourself “what’s my story?” 

And yet, the majority of people I speak to when I tell them that by working with me they’ll be able to find their story, they immediately reply “hmm, and what is my story?”

The real question behind the “What’s my story?” question 


The real question you want to have an answer to “What’s my story?” Is “What has brought me to where I am today?” 

And yes, there might be a series of events that have led you to where you are now. But the core of it, the main part of the journey can be summarised by thinking about: 

  • Why you are where you are now?

  • Who contributed to you being where you are now?

  • What is the change that you are hoping to bring?

These are the real questions you are looking to answer. 

A story is available to those who have the chance to reflect 

Think about finding your story as if it was an academic essay you have to research, reflect and write about. 

You won’t find the answers just by asking, you’ll need to reflect, give yourself time, research and look at your journey with an external eye. 

The stories that you will collect from this process, are the stories that your ideal clients want to hear. Because those are the stories they relate with, the stories that make them realise that they now have the same issues you once had. You have worked on them and that makes you the expert who is now able to help them. 

Ask yourself the right questions and receive the most helpful answers. 

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