Business Storytelling Coach

"When I have reached out to Beatrice I was really scared of sharing my story and including it in my business. I didn't even know why my potential customers would have been interested in ME, I wanted to focus the attention on the other stories I was going to share, not mine."
Ilaria Biancacci
Founder of Wempower.co
"I’m now in a much stronger position and I have a clearer vision for Mindwalk Yoga, plus I have developed some tools including audience profiles, a clear business strategy, and an articulated start-up story that I am proud to share. One of the reasons I choose to work with Beatrice is because she is a woman of colour, which for me was an important factor. Being coached by an inspirational woman I can resonate with made me feel safe and supported in equal measures."
Zakiya Bishton Mindwalk Yoga
Zakiya Bishton
Founder of Mindwalk Yoga, UK
"I was able to dig deep and tap into a story I'd been wanting to share for a while but hadn't quite known how. The story itself was a vulnerable one, charting my weight loss experience since adopting a vegan lifestyle. It was a pivotal moment in my blogging career, promoting greater authenticity in the way I communicate and an enhanced relationship with my audience"
Tomi Makanjuola tips on self making communication if you are a change maker kabutakapua blog
Tomi Makanjuola
Founder of The Vegan Nigerian
London, UK
"I met Bea during a new chapter of my life. I was finding transitioning over to a new career so difficult. Working with Bea felt like a seismic shift. I can honestly say I would have put it off completely given up, had I not had the pleasure of meeting and then working with Bea. Her intelligence and generosity know no bounds."
Sarah Bishop
Founder of Business of Colour
"The reason why I contacted Bea at the beginning was because I struggled with my about me page. At first I thought I was going to have just a step-to-step. Instead she had a questioning-thinking approach which I really liked. I came to the realisation that it's not just about telling your story but about being authentic too. It changed me. I have learned how to embrace my story, take ownership of it."
Ida Ossonemane Testimonial
Ida Ossonemane
Founder of Coup D' Food Africa
"Beatrice walked us through her own story, gave us steps to take to get clarity and introduced us to her methodology for storytelling. The steps and methodology are really useful for those of us that are still ‘finding our voice’"
Hannah Nicholson
People and Culture Consultant at Human
London, UK
"Working with Beatrice was wonderful! Being able to develop a project from 0 in 2 days, has shown me all the potential I can give. I recommend 100% the fact of working with Beatrice."
Abde Daoui
Founder of Visual Techs
Catalonia, Spain
"We counted on Beatrice not only to teach communication and storytelling skills, but also to be an inspiring role model, to make participants feel at ease, to help them recognise their own strengths and craft opportunities to improve. Feedback from participants was enthusiastic! Bea is a storytelling champion able to help others have an impact, be original and creative. Her work was exceptional and really helped us develop frameworks for migrants’ participation in media and gain active support to the New Neighbours project. It was wonderful to work with such an engaged and flexible communication professional, who carefully listens to her clients' needs and creates magic to fulfil them."
Testimonials Beatrice Ngalula Kabutakapua storytelling coach
Nadia Bellardi
Transcultural Media Consultant