Hey, it’s Beatrice, your storytelling coach determined to help you feel confident, give back to the community while being original and your clearest, most creative, true self.

People who know me say my superpowers are my creativity, determination, and ability to think out of the box. And I use those to change the world in my own way: by enabling purpose-driven entrepreneurs to be more visible on their own terms and build businesses that look like them. And yes, all of this can be achieved by telling your story and communicating it strategically.

My Story

Born and raised in Italy by Congolese parents, I spent a good part of my life trying to figure out how to master the art of communication between two cultures and three languages (Italian, French, Tshiluba).

Fascinated by the richness of the unlimited ways of thinking and the different media at our disposal I have thrown myself in the communication world in my twenties. Since then I have absorbed the principles and worked in the field of PR, Journalism (Radio, Photojournalism, Documentary), Communication in three continents and five languages (in case it wasn’t clear that I love those!).

Between a flight to the Hague to meet Nobel Prize Laureates, a train ride to New York to connect with the first African businessman in Wall Street and a car ride between the two sides of Istanbul, I have nurtured my work ethos and developed the habits that help me to be creative.

There are billions of voices out there, but being unique is what will make you stand out and connect to others. Your voice, your authenticity, matter.