Communication is a quiet revolution

Communication is a quiet revolution

Communication is a quiet revolution kabutakapua blog

Hands up if you have heard this one before: if you want to be heard you have to SCREAM. Where scream doesn’t necessarily mean with your voice but with every other feature we use to communicate: clothes, music, colours, personality.

I certainly did. And for a while I beat myself up because I wasn’t loud enough with the promotion of my work, during networking events, when pitching for ideas or projects.

A quiet revolution that pays off

Then facts starting speaking for themselves, as I started working as a journalist I quickly went from reading books of amazing change-makers who went on to win Nobel Prizes, to being a foreign correspondent who was having dinner with them. And the only thing I did was quietly communicating with them.

In gaining awareness of the power of a quiet communication, the book Quiet by Susan Cain definitely played a part. In it, Cain shares her story as an introvert who realises her culture encourages people to be extroverted other than appreciate their nature. She continues by presenting the results of years of research into leadership and quiet approach.

What a quiet communication looks like

When it comes to business my number one rule for promotion, communication and marketing is: In communication and marketing is not about what works but what works for you. Communication can be quiet #communicationisquiet Share on X And that’s because there are tons of tips out there on how to make sure people know about you do. But until you sit down to actually create your marketing or communication strategy, you have no idea that they heavily depend on your tone and personality.

I’m no expert in all things quiet but I like to think of myself as a quiet communicator which means I enjoy intimate conversations with possible clients or inspiring people. When creating my content authenticity comes before many other things, I don’t post hundreds photos of myself because someone said that helps to get more likes. A quiet communication often takes longer time to see ROI (results of investment) but when it comes is in the shape of long lasting and trust-based relationships.

A quiet communication is not about hiding

“I don’t want to bother people” is not the synonym of a quiet communication. A quiet communication is not about hiding or shying away. It’s about accepting your personality, tone and taste and see how communication and marketing tools can work around that.

For instance, if you don’t want to be the face of your brand but want to shine a light on the community you create you can:

  • Speak as a “we”
  • Avoid using your picture (yes, that can be done! Shocking!)
  • Highlight the results of what you do
  • Bring forward happy customers

You are still doing what you are meant to do, which is telling the world how amazing it is what you are working on, but you do it in your own terms.

Quiet communication still brings results

My quiet approach to communication brought me many of the jobs I had during this year and on top of that it brought amazing human connections. I know I’m not alone. Are you a quiet communicator? What results did your approach bring to you? Share your answer in the comments

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