Tips to keep your energy level up

Tips to keep your energy level up

How do you keep your energy level up when you feel knackered, tired and demotivated? I asked myself this question lately because my energy level has been quite low and when that happens, my communication and marketing material suffer.

How we influence our audience 

It’s not really about my communication and marketing material suffering but rather about who they reach, how they influence them and the impact they have.

Veronica always brings a ray of sunshine wherever she goes. She is my best friend and I remember back in high school having her at parties or breaks meant you never ran out of conversations and laughs. She had such a positive influence on everybody’s moods. But when she went quiet and reflective, the room usually turned much more silent.

What you write, what you share, how you sell, is the same thing: you influence your audience mood. In psychology is called Emotional Contagion and it means that whatever we feel we have the power to share that feeling to people around us. As Harvard University professor Nicholas Christakis and political scientist James Fowler put it:

Happiness is not merely a function of personal experience, but also is a property of groups. Emotions are a collective phenomenon

Low energy vs High Energy communication 

We know that emotions and low energy is contagious, but why does this matter when we are talking about our services, products, projects?

I share many times that we communicate for a reason, especially when it comes to our work. We don’t just produce material for the sake of it, we are looking to inspire, get a reaction, sell. Well, when our audience sniff our low energy they are also less inclined to be inspired, give a reaction and buy. Here is an example of two posts I shared on LinkedIn:

Can you guess which one is from a low energy time?

That’s right, the second one. And you know how I know that? Because of the engagement they created and the people that reached out to me after I posted them. Many people commented on the first post on Marie Forleo and Vanessa Van Edwards books, while no one bothered with the stringent post on how we communicate with our clothes.

Obviously, I’m not suggesting you should always be at the top of your game! Just bear in mind that your mood affects your audience and your sales as a result.

Tips to keep your energy levels up

Low energy times are a good challenge for me because they force me to remember how I can go back to be the energetic soul I usually am. Since we all have reasons to keep our energy levels up, I want to share my tips to do that. It’s not an exhaustive list nor an ideal one, it’s just what I do:

1.Listen to energetic music (here is an example) 

If we can influence other people moods, then music can definitely do the same for us. What is that one song that really gets you excited? Send me an email to let me know 😉

2. Sing 

When I sing I force my body to exit the torpedo mode because when I’m low in energy I also talk less, produce less, communicate less. And singing forces me to get out of that state, plus it is so fun!

3. Drink coffee 

Don’t judge! I love coffee and whether it actually energises me or not, to my mind it does. Only the smell helps to wake me up. My favourite is actually a cappuccino, and I enjoy the process of making it at home (👈 discover how to make your cappuccino at home with no machine!)

4. Drink water

Did you know that water energises you? I routinely forgot about this, but dehydration actually brings to low energy. So drink up!

5. Listen to Still I Rise, over and over again

This is more motivational-oriented and the effect it has on me it’s amazing. I love listening to this version of Maya Angelou poem because the way she recites it is even more inspiring. It makes me think: “Why the hell are you still inactive? Go get them!”

6. Call a friend 

Sharing and having a talk with my friends is quite energising as well. First it makes me externalise why I’m low in energy and second it contributes to cheer me up. Who do you call when your energy levels are low?

7. Have a walk early in the morning

There is nothing like London chilling air early in the morning to wake up my senses and boost my energy.

8. Check Jonathan Aquino Creative Suggestions 

I only recently discovered his page and it’s amazing. It challenges you to be more creative with every quote.

9. Detox day 

Keeping my energy levels up has much to do with what I eat as well. So, when I feel low I look at the menu and try to include more veggies and proteins and less carbs which sometimes make me feel sleepy. I top all that with green tea 😉

10. Move

“Get on up when you’re down… we’ll keep on moving anyway” were the lyrics of a boyband from the 90s, Five. When I’m low in energy all I want to do is to sit on the sofa and binge watching tv-series. The cure is always to keep on moving, as soon as I wake up!

Bonus tip: sometimes is ok to enjoy a low-energy day, to relax and rest, you’ll be stronger tomorrow!

How do you keep your energy levels up?

I’d love to add some more items to the list. So, what are your tips to keep energy levels up? Share them in the comment below or send me an email. Also, ask your network and let me know.


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