5 Ways You Can Spread Love in Your Communication

5 Ways You Can Spread Love in Your Communication

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One of the first hashtag I saw when joining Instagram was something related to suicide. At the time it seemed to confirm the idea that maybe that platform wasn’t for me but now I realise that wasn’t my usual solution-based reaction.

For the past couple of months I have been running a Facebook live show called “Change the world with…” and it’s all about having a conversation with people who are changing their corner of the world and how they use communication and marketing to do so. The purpose of it is to show changing the world is not something only Nobel Prize Winners, Presidents, big CEO, Saint etc can do. We all can.

With baby steps and small actions, we ALL can change the world Share on X

And in that spirit, after reflecting on the call for help coming from the social media platforms, I have decided to share some tips on how to spread love in your communication.

What does spreading love means

Spreading love means sharing uplifting, motivating, inspiring content that people can relate to. It’s a lot like life coaches do all the time but every social business can do it as well.

Why you should spread some love in your communication

  1. Sharing love makes you feel good: I mentioned about EC in a recent blog post, we are inherently influenced by the emotions around us, so if we share love we’ll also feel better
  2. To reveal your authenticity: usually sharing positive feelings comes as part of a story where there was a low point, an overcoming moment and a resolution. Sharing that story allows people to see who you are and that’s a powerful tool to create a community
  3. We are responsible for one another: for a long time I remained close into my working bubble but as human we are meant to be working on a team and as such, we are responsible for one another

5 Tips to spread love in your communication

But how can you spread some love through your platforms? There are a trillion ways you can use. Here is a short selection of what I have done:

1. Exhort: tell people that they can despite all odd

5 ways to put love in your communication

2.  Compliment: if you love what someone has done, let them know. It might just be what they need to hear

5 ways to put love in your communication Beatrice

3.   Quote: share some thoughts that resonated with you

4.  Answer: if someone reaches out make sure you answer (but be mindful of toxic people)

5 ways to put love in your communication ngalula kabutakapua

5.  Create: what if a day in your week or month content scheduling was dedicating to sharing inspiring content? I’d suggest the hashtag #spreadlove

Have you spread some love?

I’d love for your to let me know how you put these tips into practice. Share in the comments what has happened and what you plan on doing.

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