How to Have an Impact by Sharing Your Joy: a Changemaker Tutorial

How to Have an Impact by Sharing Your Joy: a Changemaker Tutorial

“Do you have any luggage to check in?” The hostess asks me. She is incomprehensibly annoyed and doesn’t make eye contact. I answer: “None”. That’s when she stares at me surprised and repeats: “None??” I can tell what she is really asking is you’re travelling to Africa, how can you have no luggage to check in. With a childish smile and a happy face I think of a poetic answer to give her: Lady, I’m running to realise a dream, I don’t need any more luggage than what I have on my back.

Instead I boringly but joyously confirm: “none”.

Last month one of my longstanding dream became true. It is already the second time this year that a big dream I have becomes a reality and this galvanises me for what I have planned for the new year.

It took me two flight to meet and facilitate a workshop for a group of change-makers in Niger, Africa. One step closer to my parents home-country, to my heritage. It was such a joy to being offered the job that I felt the need to share it with my entire world.

But how do you share a piece of joy and still keep it together, keep it professional and relevant?

Beatrice Kabutakapua Sharing Joy

How to Have an Impact by Sharing Your Joy

Having an impact while sharing joy means two things:

  1. Openly discuss your passions and whys
  2. Telling a story 

Openly discuss your passions and whys

When you openly states what you are into and why you are passionate about it, what motivates you and charges you, the right people will gravitate around you. Call it a people magnet, law of attraction, but that’s what happens. And that’s what you want to happen, because what you share needs to be seen by people for whom it matters.

Telling a story

Sharing a joy is a great way to exercise your storytelling. And you need to be able to tell a story, in fact you probably already are but need to practice it. When you tell a story, you inspire, teach, motivate. In a way you become a model for others to follow. And that’s not about you getting credit or being known, is about all the people you can touch and positively have an influence on. I’m sure at some point in your life the story shared by someone, helped you. It’s time to give back.

How to share a joy and keep it professional

Every piece of communication content has a meaning, a purpose Share on X

Everyone does what they like but for me, every piece of communication content has a meaning, a purpose. None of what you share should be done for the sake of it instead it should be backed by a plan, a strategy. So when you share your joy think about:

  • Who you want to reach
  • Why you want to share it (it’s deeper than you being happy)
  • How you want people to feel
  • What do you want people to do

Once you have identified your reasons (you might want to motivate, share stats., challenge prejudices, tell people about your work…), create. In the case of telling a story follow these four steps:

  1. States the initial status (e.g. once upon a time)
  2. Highlight the challenge
  3. Tell how you overcame it
  4. Invite people to action

Andrew Stanton shares some great tips in his TED talk

What’s your joy?

I know I’m nosy but I’d love to know what have given you joy recently. So please post it in the comments below or send me a message, I’ll be happy with one word. 


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