Hey! I’m Beatrice, an overachiever communication consultant determined to help you create a message and brand that will make you stand out. I do that through training, providing digital contents (video, images, audio) and helping you to plan the most effective communication plan. My superpowers are used better with new venture, projects and those looking for some focus.


Born and raised in Italy by Congolese parents, I spent a good part of my life trying to figure out how to master the art of communication between two cultures and three languages (Italian, French, Tshiluba).

Fascinated by the richness of the unlimited ways of thinking and the different media at our disposal I have thrown myself in the communication world in my twenties. Since then I have absorbed the principles and worked in the field of PR, Journalism (Radio, Photojournalism, Documentary), Communication in three continents and five languages (yeah, I’m pretty obsessed with those!).

Between a flight to the Hague to meet Nobel Prize Laureates, a train ride to New York to connect with the first African businessman in Wall Street and a car ride between the two sides of Istanbul, I have nurtured my work ethos and developed the habits that help to be creative. There are billions of voices out there, but being unique is what will make you stand out and connect to others. Curious to know how?


I’ll ask you some questions:

  • Do you feel that no matter how much effort you put in, your product or business is never standing out from the crowd?
  • Can’t bring your audience to act?
  • Would you like to expand to other cultures?
  • Struggling to find a communication strategy that fits your brand and voice?
  • Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of info on social media?

If you answered yes to one or all those questions, congratulations! You’re in the right place! If not, keep reading to see if I missed something.

You have the power to reverse the situation and with a little help you will see how more people will connect to you and your business. My work is all about helping you do just that. There are three pillars that sustain my professional being:


For us to work together I will have know you from the inside out: I’ll ask questions, loads of them. And that goes for your audience too: listening is the best hidden secret in communication. I will listen to you so that you can listen to your audience and design a communication strategy that will mesmerize them and convert your efforts into sales and actions


Humans feed of stories like it is an indispensable meal. We learn from stories, laugh at them, cry, act and buy because of them. We decide where to work because of a story. And you have one hell of a story to tell. Don’t hide it, use it. We can work together on how to bring that wonderful tale out


There is a gesture that in Italy means “What are you talking about?” and in India “I’m hungry!” If you want your work to reach further boundaries, knowing how to talk to different cultures is essential. We all speak in a different way and you can (and frankly should) adapt your message beyond the realm you are familiar with. This will open you to a bigger market and more candidates to collaborate with.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get this conversation going


Let’s grab a coffee (off or online)!