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Covid-19 stuck at home change the world ngalula kabutakapua beatrice pexels

How to keep changing the world while stuck at home

How do you keep changing the world when you’re stuck at home?

Communication on a budget blog post Ngalula Beatrice Kabutakapua

Communication on a Budget

How do you communicate when your budget is almost zero?


Do this one thing if you want people to know what you’re doing

“Did I have this conversation with you?” That was one of the most common phrases of my flatmate during my university years in the UK. She would have conversations on anything with anyone and brainstorm about the latest things she discovered. As a minimalist communicator I found that inspiring and I brought that lesson with…
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Be The Authentic Communicator

It’s been a crazy ride. I remember how it felt when Nobel Prize winners invited in the charity I was working for thanks to the way I shaped their message… and being called for work from people inspired by the authenticity of the stories I shared. It was PRECIOUS! Fast forward to today, and I’ve…
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