How to keep changing the world while stuck at home

How to keep changing the world while stuck at home

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How do you keep changing the world when you’re stuck at home?

One of the biggest changes COVID-19 has brought, is on the way we perceive each other as human beings. Not being able to hug, kiss or gather in public for certain cultures is an unbearable constriction. Yet, I have to say, never in my online life I have received more birthday wishes than this year.

You want to know why?

Because while stuck at home people finally slow down, they take time and their slower movements give them permission to remember of other humans around them.

This blog post was going to be about how to work efficiently from home, instead, to honour the kindness I was shown in these days, I have decided to brainstorm ideas on how you can change the world while stuck at home.

I can’t change the world

Let me start by reminding you why you can and probably already are changing the world. We’ve been fed with the idea that the world can only changed by superheroes, Gandhi, Dr King, Mother Theresa, Steve Jobs etc. But you know what all of these people have in common? They bled like me and you, they went to the toilet, they cried and possibly felt like a failure at times. In other words, they were human beings. And as long as you are a human being my friend, you can change the world.

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Because changing the world doesn’t really mean reaching the 7 billions of us. It means, doing something for someone other than yourself and putting your heart, mind, time in it. It can be through your work, it can be through a series of events you organise, the content that you share, the fact you accept being you unapologetically or that you relentlessly say “Hi” to neighbours who never respond. You are changing the world, your world, the world of your children or friends or colleagues. And you should be given a recognition for that.

And because of our times, you might be faced with the challenge of continuing your important work while being at home. How can you still have an impact when you can’t leave your place?

How to keep changing the world while stuck at home

1. Rest

Yes, rest. Take care of yourself. You know how on planes, in case of emergency, you have to put the mask on yourself first? Well, that’s the same in life as well: you have to take care of yourself before helping others. So recharge, exercise, drink water, meditate, stare at the clouds, draw … you are not being selfish. You are preparing to be at your best to help others.

2. Reach out

Being a nomad entrepreneur, many of my interactions happen online. And sometime I’m so focused on work, I forget to use the same tools to reach out to people just for the sake of it. Ask if you can help, send an inspiring note, share music, ask a simple “how are you doing?” and mean it.


3. Measure

How far have you come? How are you doing in your effort to help others? These are important questions to ask yourself because they allow you to praise the work already done and strategise on what is coming. But we are often so carried away by life that we don’t stop and measure. So use this time to do so. Measure how far you’ve come, and if you are unsure where to start, check this blog post.


4. Strategise

The crisis is going to pass. What are your plans for what comes next? It’s not enough to say, “I’m going to change the world”, you need to have clear, measurable, achievable goals. But don’t beat yourself up and push yourself too hard if the strategy changes. In fact, be open to flexibility.

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5. Educate yourself

Right now, I’m enrolled in Marie Forleo’s B-School because I want to make sure that I can help more people through my storytelling coaching sessions. I’m educating myself on how to listen, create, connect. But you really can educate yourself on anything you know will help your audience. And there are many free platforms you can use. One course that changed my idea on storytelling for change, is from Acumen.

6. Listen, listen and listen more

Get into the habit of listening. Train yourself to stop listening to give an answer but to really welcome someone else’s experience. Because if you don’t listen, you don’t know what the people you most want to help, really need. Run Zoom calls, send emails, messages and ask your network what they really need. You’d be surprised how much you will discover!

7. Have fun

My family often says I watch too serious stuff on TV and I agree. And whether I like it or not, that stuff influences me, my mood, my capacity of seeing clearly and helping. It’s really not a crime to have fun when there are loads of people that need to be helped. Because in order to reach them at your full potential, you need to feel at your full potential and fun does help you with that.


Look, know that you can keep changing the world even if you’re stuck at home. But changing the world is not an external process. It starts from inside you, which is why you should use this time to elevate yourself to the 2.0 version of yourself. Be better to help better.

And don’t forget to be kind and authentic with you and the people around you.


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