How Can We Be Heard?

How Can We Be Heard?

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How can we be heard when there is so much noise out there?

When we are trying to share something meaningful in the middle of a market, how can we make sure we will be heard?

  1. We could scream louder than others 
  2. We could attract people’s attention under false pretenses
  3. We could shame the competition

But the question is, will we manage to speak to the people we want to?

And also, are those the most effective, authentic ways of being heard?

When it comes to communicate our purpose-driven messages we can use three steps to make sure we are being heard.

Step #1: Get out of your brain

When we feel the frustration of not being heard we get stuck into our brains and don’t notice the people that are actually listening despite our tones, words and volume. They might be only a few but looking at them will make us understand:

  1. If we’re preaching to the right choir
  2. What else we should share

So, get out of your brain and focus on who is listening. If you’re trying to share a meaningful message, chances are is going to help someone else. So, in the end, is not about you but about the people you want to reach. Once you put yourself in their shoes everything changes and the other steps become easier.

Remember: When you are sharing a meaningful message, it's not about you. It's about the people you can help through it Click To Tweet

Step #2: Match your style with your audience

You are now out of your brain and everything is not about how you can be heard anymore. Is about how you can reach the people that need you the most. Well done!

Now, the fact that is not about you doesn’t mean you have to obliterate yourself. Oftentimes social-good messages come from our own lived experience. And we, as fantastically diverse human beings, have unique tastes, voices, styles.

Put your own personal style in the way you communicate and then think about how you can make sure your audience gets it. Be clear, speak simply, be effective.

Step #3: Amplify

You are now at the point where you understood the help you can give, the change you can make happen are far more important of the number of likes or followers you have. You know people are listening, they might be very few but they are there, you are communicating. And now that your audience is listening, that your message is being heard, it’s time to amplify. Make sure your message reaches a larger number of people. You can do that by:

  • Speaking at events
  • Applying for awards
  • Pitching to the media
  • Asking for testimonials
  • Getting a small group of kind people to share your posts
  • Using ads
  • Writing a book (and getting people to read it)

There are tons of ways to do that, even for free, you’ll have to find what works for you and your audience.

And if you are struggling, know you can always give me a call.


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