Three steps to a clearer communication

Three steps to a clearer communication

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“I went to a workshop a few days ago and I was told if I wanted to step up my game with Instagram, I had to get in touch with hundred people every day.

“How am I going to do that? I have family and a freelance job!”

This was a new friend of mine with whom I was talking about the outcome of a course she attended for some clear communication guidelines. The course aimed to help participants create more engagement on her Instagram page.

Speaking about a mission impossible, right?

Yet, these solutions are the ones I often read when it comes to having more followers on your social media. They might work for some people but although they’re sold as work-for-all-solutions, they simply are not. In fact they are a killer for diversity, creativity and uniqueness. And on top of that they do not take into consideration the most important piece of the equation: you.

And if I had to dig a bit deeper they also approach the wrong issue: you do not need more followers on your pages, you do need more engagement. You want to talk to people and you want them to talk to you. Because you want to create a relationship, build trust and eventually sell them your services. Having millions followers won’t secure that.

You need the right people.

Which means you need to get clear on your message: what is it that you want to say? Why? To whom?

I started recording some video on my Facebook page to make sure I let you know what my ten experience of interacting with people taught me. In this video in particular I share what are the three steps I follow (and teach) to get a clearer communication.

Beatrice Kabutakapua communicational consultant sharing clear communication guidelines on video

You now have three clear communication guidelines. The reason why you need that is because you want to interact to people, you want to share some valuable information, story, message. And before you do that you need to get clear on three important aspect of your message.

Here, you can share freely. Whether it’s with a comment below or on Facebook or via email, tell me what other suggestions you have to get a clearer message. What do you do?

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