The biggest problem about charity communication and how you can fix it

The biggest problem about charity communication and how you can fix it

Before moving to the UK, my concept of charity was: helping out homeless people outside Termini station in Rome; organising festive dinners for people who otherwise would have spent way too much time alone; fundraise for young students like me who could not afford an education. 

Everything about it was local, simple, immediate. 

Yet, once I stepped foot in Cardiff for the first time I discovered a whole world made of huge events, massive communication efforts and volunteers. In the years I came to love more and more this sector and the third sector in general, appreciate the fact that we are required to help each other no matter the job we have. 

My contribution in this sense has been in the media and communication field, where I discovered a hard-wearing stagnation in the norm. The biggest problem about charity communication is wanting to reach more people, influence, talk about their amazing activities but categorically refusing innovation, creativity and experiments.  

Coming to think about it, is a bit like what happens in our lives. We want more but are unable to dare to be more, do things differently. And that is understandable, change is scary. Even more, if it can affect your ability to positively influence others. 

Change, though is necessary. And just because I believe these brakes are put upon charities by individuals, I started to reflect on the idea that each organisation should have its own persona, a personality. 

How does this person talk? 

Why does it do what it does? 

How does it speak? 

As a mother, I see this as a parallel to raising children: you guide them, give them your wisdom and then let them go and shine in their best possible way. Your role ends when you have provided them the tools to dare to be something more, do something more. 

Same goes for communication in the third sector, we need to let it shine and dare to innovate. 

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