What I stand for


Listening is the best hidden secret in communication. Think about it, a relationship that works is based on listening to each other. And you want to listen to the people you want to help. But you also want to listen to you and your story. Which is why when working with me, you’ll answer many questions that are aimed at guiding you into: knowing your story, acknowledging your story, sharing your story. The more people feel connected to your story, your message, your whys, the more you will sell, have an impact, help.


"Working with Bea felt like a seismic shift. Her intelligence and generosity know no bounds."


Repeat after me: “my story matters”. Let it become your mantra because your story has surprising and extraordinary consequences on your audience. It doesn’t have to be sad, traumatic, happy, exciting, it just has to be yours. And that’s perfect.

The reality of our times is that if we don’t hold the microphone, brandish the pen, take control of the camera, and tell our stories, we do not exist.

Which could be fine, except is not.

Because being invisible means that they story will always be written by the same people.

"Bea is a storytelling champion able to help others have an impact, be original and creative."


In high school I used to spend mornings putting makeup on with my best friend. One day, I decided to try on a bit of foundation. Except, I couldn’t because it was pink. Since then the cosmetic world has changed and is now more inclusive of all shades. Diversity for me means putting my hands under another person foot and help her to raise and be visible. What you do matters. I want to help you to make sure others know that too.

It took me years to find the right balance, to share my story, to have clarity on my goals and I’m still a work in progress. But along the way I learned more than I could ever fill a book with. And this knowledge is for you. Book a free discovery call now and let’s talk about how to bring your story out on your own terms.