Hey inspiring entrepreneur!

If you are here you have created a business that helps others but are a little bit stuck, because you:

  • want to be able to describe your business in one sentence and through a story
  • need your business to be profitable but are unsure on where to find your clients
  • are looking for the right words to tell the story of your business in your about page
  • understand the importance of business storytelling 
  • need guidance to create a storytelling-based marketing strategy
  • have lots of passion but need clarity

First of all, breathe. You’re doing great. 

Secondly, go ahead and book a free discover call: we will have 30 minutes to chat about your pressing issue and decide how we can work on it together. 

If you want to offer a workshop for your members please do send me an email first and we’ll schedule a time to talk. 

Storytelling Services

Sell Me This Pen is a storytelling muscles training session. You will be prompted to “sell” your business, product, project through a story. Each story will have three versions. You’ll receive: 

  • training
  • feedback 
  • support

This is for you if you want to test a story, improve your storytelling with actions and receive constructive feedback from others.

Bea's intelligence and generosity know no bounds
  • 8 weeks of storytelling for business coaching
  • one-hour coaching call every week to explore your story and incorporate it in your business
  • tailored practical resources to invest in your knowledge
  • weekly report to document your business 
  • one personalised gift arriving on your doorstep because you deserve it
"I was able to dig deep and tap into a story I'd been wanting to share for a while but hadn't quite known how."

If your company is looking to: 

  • Improving its storytelling 
  • Strengthening the relationship among team members
  • Empowering its minorities team members 
  • Improving leaders’ confidence and effectiveness

Call me. I offer tailored sessions and leadership business storytelling coaching that will increase your staff confidence and effectiveness. 

"It was wonderful to work with such an engaged and flexible communication professional, who carefully listens to her clients' needs and creates magic to fulfil them."

Our membership site is a safe space for purpose-driven entrepreneurs to share their story, improve their storytelling and find support for their business journey. 

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