Business storytelling helps you connect more authentically to your customers, your team members, your employees … you have probably heard this a million times. And I agree, it’s true.

But business storytelling is not only the performance of telling the story: the hand gestures, tone of voice, posture. Telling a compelling story is about: knowing what story to share, listening to your audience and taking action.

Which is why, when you work with me, you’ll find I have a very peculiar approach to business storytelling. I will work with you to identify the objectives, connected them to those of your audience and only then we’ll focus on the performance of the story. That’s the last step.

Because of the powerful impact of storytelling, I only work with people who are trying to make the world a better place: that’s underestimated entrepreneurs and purpose-driven organisations

"It was wonderful to work with such an engaged and flexible communication professional, who carefully listens to her clients' needs and creates magic to fulfil them."