Be The Authentic Communicator


Impress your clients by being yourself, elevate your project by tapping into your creative side and apply advanced communication strategies in just five weeks


I help socially-minded entrepreneurs, communication officers, creatives, sole traders who want their business and projects to be more visible learn how to use authentic communication strategies so they can attract and connect to more clients, gain more gigs, save time and share their message to the right people in a truthful way

Through Be The Authentic Communicator you will be able to:

  • Feel confident about your communication skills
  • Use your personality to create and share your message with people that match your values
  • Have access to bottomless creative ideas
  • Have an understanding of what makes an effective communication
  • Have interacting, engaging followers or clients

What to expect:

  1. One-hour weekly video coaching for 5 weeks
  2. Step-by-step guidance
  3. Weekly exercises 
  4. Communication and storytelling templates
  5. Book and video library suggestion 
  6. Private Facebook and Whatsapp group 
  7. Unlimited email consulting 
  8. SHAPE method to advance communication skills