Unleash the power of storytelling
to be more profitable, visible
and give back to the community

It was a sight to behold.

Throughout she held our hands, firmly, kindly, calmly, and with humour.

She was and is a genius at this.

I’m now in a much stronger position and I have a clearer vision
I was able to dig deep and tap into a story I'd been wanting to share for a while
It changed me. I have learned how to embrace my story, take ownership of it

There are recurring themes when you don’t incorporate your story in your business. You might:

  • struggle to write your about me page 
  • want to create a more authentic brand 
  • feel like marketing is only for sales-y people
  • have the impression your communication is not clear 
  • not feel confident about speaking in public

The good news is: there’s nothing wrong with you 

Effective leaders use the power of business storytelling to:

  • present the vision of the organisation
  • communicate the company culture
  • engage their employees

At the moment, I’m training HR professionals, ERG members an internal communicators on how to communicate the company purpose through stories. My goal is to have every employee reminded of why they do what they do so that they are more motivated, productive and happy at work.

Beatrice Ngalula Kabutakapua here is the truth on why I started my business Yana Binaev photo No bleach for me

For a long time I hated being under the spotlight: I didn’t think my story mattered.

Until my decennial career in media started to feel purposeless and un-authentic.

I created two businesses to help others but nothing clicked because I didn’t allow myself to be me unashamedly. 

Now that I have, I can never go back and instead I help people who care to use storytelling to be powerful beyond measure.

The reality of our times is that if we don’t hold the microphone, brandish the pen, take control of the camera, and tell our stories, we do not exist.

Which could be fine, except it’s not.

Because being invisible means that the story will always be written by the same people.