If you are here you have created or want to create a business that helps others but are a little bit stuck, because you:

  • want to be able to describe your business in one sentence and through a story
  • need your business to be profitable but are unsure on where to find your clients
  • are looking for the right words to tell the story of your business in your about page
  • understand the importance of business storytelling 
  • need guidance to create a storytelling-based marketing strategy
  • have lots of passion but need clarity

First of all, breathe. You’re doing great. 

Secondly, go ahead and book a free discover call: we will have 15 minutes to chat about your pressing issue and decide how we can work on it together. 

How To Tell Your Story: The Storytelling Coaching Process

Storytelling coaching is all about asking you the right questions to help you unfreeze your stories. 

We work on this through a 4-step process that includes: 

  1. Defining why you want to work on your story 
  2. Knowing your story 
  3. Owning your story 
  4. Sharing your story 

At the en of our journey together you’ll know how to tell your story and will feel more confident. 

I’m now in a much stronger position and I have a clearer vision for Mindwalk Yoga, plus I have developed some tools including audience profiles, a clear business strategy, and an articulated start-up story that I am proud to share

Business Storytelling Services

Monthly 90-minute storytelling group practical session where you can receiving feedback from others and training from me

priced at £37

8-week Business storytelling coaching program to gain more confidence, profit and to be more visible 

from £1099

We can work together for 12 months and I will support you monthly to reach your storytelling goals

investment is £8000
I met Bea during a new chapter of my life. I was finding transitioning over to a new career so difficult. Working with Bea felt like a seismic shift. I can honestly say I would have put it off completely given up, had I not had the pleasure of meeting and then working with Bea. Her intelligence and generosity know no bounds.