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Image description: 30% is the percentage of our life we spend at work but the World Economic Forum found 70% of employees are disengaged. A sentence reads You deserve to be happy about your work, to feel like you belong and know why you are doing what you're doing
Image description: effective leader use stories to INSPIRE so that employees know the purpose of their work and are more productive , ACTIVELY LISTEN so that they can address urgent matters before they become issues, PUT WORDS INTO ACTIONso that employees don't leave for lack of effective change. The image is copyrighted to Ngalula Beatrice Kabutakapua
From an organisation full of people too nervous, worried, refusing to, feeling unable to write - she had us all producing and writing content by the end of the day. And not just producing content but doing so with enthusiasm and joy. It was a sight to behold. Throughout she held our hands, firmly, kindly, calmly and with humour. She was and is a genius at this

Hey I’m Beatrice and I work as a business storytelling coach! My combined experience of producing human-centred stories for a decade as a journalist and training more than a thousand people in how to leverage the power of storytelling even if they have never done it before, is what I bring to the companies I partner with.

Right now I’m training HR professionals, ERG members and internal communicators on how to communicate the company values through stories. My goal is to have every employee reminded of why they do what they do so that they are more motivated, productive and happy at work.