As humans, we spend one third of our lives at work. Yet, the World Economic Forum has shared that 70% of employees say they are disengaged at work. Disengagement brings to lack of motivation, lack of performance and low retention rates.

Business storytelling engages employees in the realm that brought them to the organisations in the first place, by highlighting the purpose, impact and actions. Not only that, it creates an environment where listening is pivotal. And employees who have their voices heard, perform better, with less mistake and more effectively.

The reason why stories work so efficiently as stimulator, is because they allow our brains to produce oxytocin. That’s commonly called the “happiness hormone”. Oxytocin not only makes us happier but also more empathic. Hence, it facilitates the connection among each other. As a result, business storytelling strengthen teams, increases employees engagement, confidence and productivity.

From an organisation full of people too nervous, worried, refusing to, feeling unable to write - she had us all producing and writing content by the end of the day. And not just producing content but doing so with enthusiasm and joy. It was a sight to behold. Throughout she held our hands, firmly, kindly, calmly and with humour. She was and is a genius at this

Business storytelling corporate services

We partner with purpose-driven organisations and CSR teams to improve employees engagement and external marketing and communication through storytelling.

Our services include: 

  • Bespoke business storytelling training sessions
  • Leadership coaching
  • Employees happiness assessment 
  • Culture change management
  • Design and implementation of employees engagement initiatives


Bea is a storytelling champion able to help others have an impact, be original and creative. Her work was exceptional and really helped us develop frameworks for migrants’ participation in media and gain active support to the New Neighbours project. It was wonderful to work with such an engaged and flexible communication professional, who carefully listens to her clients' needs and creates magic to fulfil them

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