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Four reasons why you need to take a break from sharing your story Ngalula Kabutakapua

Four reasons why you need to take a break from sharing your story

Sharing your business story is like singing a song you’ve written and doing that over and over again: you share a piece of yourself with the world and spend energy while doing it. And you need that energy to pass on emotion to your audience. So here are four reasons why you need to take…
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The truth about why you always have to start with a story Beatrice Ngalula Kabutakapua storytelling coach

The Truth About Why You Always Have to Start With a Story 

Are you stuck on what to write for your next blog post?

Want to know if your story is worth sharing? Take this Test Beatrice Kabutakapua Storytelling Coach

Want to Know if Your Story is Worth Sharing? Take this Test

It seems like only sad stories are worth sharing. This is an actual comment

when it comes to business storytelling if it doesn’t hurt a little, you are not doing it right Ngalula Beatrice Kabutakapua

Business Storytelling: If It Doesn’t Hurt a Little, You Are Not Doing It Right

How many times have you heard: “tell the story of your business”?

Answer these Questions to Have 11 Business Stories to Share Right Now

“We could ask you about your sweater right now, and that would have a story of its own”, I said as

About Me Page: 5 Reasons Why You’re Stuck Ngalula Beatrice Kabutakapua Storytelling Coach

About Me Page: 5 Reasons Why You’re Stuck 

About me page. That’s all you can read on the screen of your computer.