I advise, train and guide small and medium enterprises on how to create cost-effective communication strategies with fewer efforts and by involving the entire team

Professionals working with me via training and consultancies boosted their communication knowledge through alternative paths and discovered creative yet workable ways of communicating online and offline.

Communication is constantly evolving and getting your message out there can be a time-consuming, daunting experience. Especially when no one seems to understand your needs. That’s where I come in!

I love communication and the fact that is not a fixed science. I have worked internationally for more than ten years in the communication field, from journalism to media production. I know what tools to use to effectively speak to an audience both online and in person. And I know how to listen to you.

Through my services, I have made it possible for a small Italian charity to collaborate with four Nobel Prize Laureates; brought thousands of engaging people to an online documentary project; advised young entrepreneurs on how to best promote their ventures.

Do get in touch and tell me what you need.

 I listen therefore I am