Seven Stories Worth Sharing About 2020

Seven Stories Worth Sharing About 2020

Beatrice Kabutakapua Seven Stories Worth Sharing About 2020

The end of a year is often a reflective time. Even more so, if that year was 2020. We have faced unexpected circumstances throughout this year with the worldwide pandemic that hit us personally and professionally. But even amidst the darkness, the change, the unexpected, there are stories to tell. In fact, you should think about the seven stories that are worth sharing about 2020. 

How to decide if a story is worth sharing

If you have attended any of my masterclasses, you know a business story shall not be sad, super exciting or passionate to be worth sharing. Your story is already worth it and it’s unique because it’s yours. However, stories are not simply thrown in the pit, they are the result of a metabolisation. 

The worth of a story is not defined by its emotional effect but by the reflection behind it, the process that’s going to bring it from your perspective to a universal one.

Sharing a story is an act of kindness

We are often blocked about sharing our stories thinking it’s going to be personal or we are going to be too vulnerable. And we do that because we forget that those stories are not for us. They are for them: for our customers who need our help; for our teams to be inspired; for our audience to take action. 

In fact, we share stories to: 

  • Teach
  • Inspire 
  • Explain 
  • Motivate 
  • Build trust 

Anything else is decoration. 

By welcoming the fact that a story is an act of kindness, all the fear related to sharing them fades away. But what are the stories you can share about a year that shook us, awaken us and challenged us in the most beautiful and ugliest ways? 

7 Stories Worth Sharing About 2020

You’ll read seven ideas for stories worth sharing about 2020 but I’m sure you’ll have more. Start thinking about:

  1. New skills acquired 
  2. Connections 
  3. Personal development 
  4. How to keep it together
  5. Living and working in a challenging work environment 
  6. Self-care 
  7. How you reacted to Covid19 

Which story will you pick up and share? Let me know in the comments. 


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