The Truth About Why You Always Have to Start With a Story 

Are you stuck on what to write for your next blog post?

Always start with a story.

Unsure on how to write your social media post?

Always start with a story.

Are you pitching or presenting your business?

Always start with a story.

I haven’t gone crazy or hit Ctrl+c too many times, I really mean it. Whatever you have to share with the world and in whatever form, start with a story. And I’ll tell you why.

What does it mean to always start with a story?

Let’s say you want to share your latest blog post or a link to an article, how would you do that by being authentic but also by explaining why you are sharing it?

You want to walk your reader through it, you want to explain why that particular post is relevant to you. Your post won’t look like: “here is an interesting piece I found” but more like what I have shared on LinkedIn sometime ago.

The truth about why you always have to start with a story Beatrice Ngalula Kabutakapua

Do you always have to share a story?

Yes, you do. But before you go crazy thinking you’ll never be able to do it because you can’t write such long stories or people won’t read it if it’s very long etc. let me tell you, I was once told not to share a long story and while I initially took it personally, the truth is that a story doesn’t need to be long.

The truth about why you always have to start with a story Beatrice Ngalula Kabutakapua storytelling coach

That up there is a story or at least, it’s portion of a story that are opened to interpretation.

Three amazing things happen when you always share a story

1. You grab attention

You know how much content there is out there and to really be seen, you want to start with something personal and authentic. Your story is. So when you share it, you’ll instantly grab people’s attention.

2. Articulate the why

Business storytelling is all about sharing whys and not what. That’s because, through answering “why” you explain to your audience the background of what you do, where you come from. And by doing that, you build trust. Trust is what makes a difference between making a sale or not.

3. Train your storytelling muscles

Storytelling is like a muscle, to get better at it you have to train. And sharing a story whenever you have to share something, really is a great training. Don’t wait, just do it!

You have the tools to do it, I believe you can. And if you’re stuck, you know you can always get in touch with me.

Go share that story and let me know how it goes.