5 compelling reasons why your organisation needs a persona

In ancient Rome, a persona, was a theatrical character, a mask. The term is now widely used in marketing where it is suggested to create a “persona” of the ideal customer to focus sales effort. 

But there are at least 5 reasons why your organisation too needs its own persona, personality, character. 

  1. A persona is unique

Audience and objectives are oftentimes the primary focus when developing a communication strategy. But how can you talk to others if you don’t who you are? Having your persona means you can boost your communication tools by making them fit your organisation style, language, visual taste.

  1. Each team member can pose as the organisation persona

This is not to say that everyone will get to acting class! Just that having a clear character of your organisation, means that public relations do not have to be relegated to the communication team (in case you have one). Each team member would be able to talk for the organisation 

  1. A persona is someone you get attached to

For readers and audience is easier to empathise and get attached to an organisation if it has its own voice, style, character. Creating a persona means creating expectations, like looking forward to the second date with that person you really liked! 

  1. It’s easy

A persona is obviously not a person. Its facets will be simpler yet not less important. Lucky for you, this means you don’t need to spend days and weeks designing your persona. All you need is the right person to guide you and a few hours to focus. 

  1. It’s fun!

Create a persona can be a collaborative action. It will make your team work together, brainstorm, analyse the organisation in a way you might not have done before. Sessions like this will strengthen your team and help new arrivals fit in and have a better idea of your organisation. 

If you want to give your organisation its own persona, join the communication workshop Find your Voice. Or just get in touch!